Myths and Legends – Port Ellen Primary School⤴

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Myths and Legends – Port Ellen Primary School

A nice example of a pupil written post and use of embedding google video to show their animation.

What was the mythical creatures called one of them are called penfin and the other is called dogor  the animations were like there was a bad guy and a good guy  who save the day. and they live happily ever after.

Academy9’s Early Birds, inspiring the next David Attenborough?  ⤴

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As part of the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, which takes place at the end of January each year, the Academy9 team headed to primary schools in Newtonmore, Kingussie, Pitlochry and Aberfeldy to work with P3s on the topic of the great wildlife on their doorsteps. 

In the Early Birds session, pupils learned about the range of birds in the Highlands through three interactive tasks. Ecologists, Joanna & Amy introduced the pupils to a variety of local birds, from Robins to Capercaillies.

Academy9’s Early Birds, inspiring the next David Attenborough? 

Academy9 is an exciting educational initiative from Transport Scotland, linked specifically to the A9 Dualling programme.  

Academy9 has been developed in partnership with all the schools along the A9 corridor in addition to wider communities across Scotland, educational professionals, educational consultants and industry professionals.

Recognising the power of partnerships between industry and education, Academy9 is building a legacy of STEM-related skills and achievement through a series of progressive STEM activities and experiences, providing future generations with the opportunity to learn both hard and soft skills and consider STEM -related careers. 

Academy9 – Building a legacy of STEM related skills and providing future generations to consider STEM related careers

Poster girl⤴

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The moment you were born

You were enough

A picture perfect drawn

From magic stuff.

And then the world began

To make you doubt

To quieten your voice

While those who shout

And try to make their path

The only one

Seemed better



And you came undone.

Your joy

Your hope

Your sparkle

All reduced to none.


But gradually you saw that

All you are

And all you represent

Might not be far

From what our world is needing

Even though

The seeds that you’ve been planting

Must have time to grow.

So while you wait, with patience

For that time to come

Make sure you hold an image

Of all you have done

And all you are and stand for

So the world will know

That even if your voice is quiet

You glow.

With energy

With warmth and love

With truth and hope

A poster girl for those who

Find it hard to cope.

And one day soon

Tomorrow, maybe

You will see

That healing starts right here

Right now

With you and me.

A post inspection poem⤴

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I was winning in my cot

Born as perfect as can be

Good enough, as Dodgy said

For both others and for me.

Even when I grew up bigger

And began to tilt a bit

In my head I still could figure

What it took to make me fit

With the ones who didn’t see the

Actual good down deep inside

And who tried to bring me down and

Laughed and


Until I cried.

But then over time I came

To see that I had gifts to give

And could choose a different path

Not the life that others live.

Many years of working hard

On a journey that I chose

Has brought me to a place

Where there’s little now, to lose.

Where dreaming of perfection

And having loads of stuff

Is for someone else’s rainbow

Cos me, I’m Good Enough.

Meet The Team⤴

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Hi there pupils, parents, teachers and the wider community. I am Callum Charteris, the current head boy of Clydeview Academy, and I am delighted to be able to bring you the new pupil-led online blog,  Clydeview Connect. Together with Mr Wallace and the strong team of bloggers, we cannot wait to get started, bringing you the latest pupil insight on everything going on in our school. We would love to dive straight into the action, but first, let me introduce you to the team!

Meet The Team

Nice to see a blog involving pupils. Interesting to see one that has mixed age groups.