When I’m feeling bad⤴

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Yesterday I had a day where I felt bad: physically, mentally and relationally. This is quite common on a Saturday when I have had a busy week at work and been in situations where I haven’t been able to stop functioning at a high level of energy and focus. The problem is that when I feel bad, there’s not much to be done about it. Where others might take a duvet day, my ADHD brain beats me up for even contemplating that and shouts at me about all the things I HAVEN’T done.
Luckily yesterday a marvellous and life saving friend reminded me of that and helped me get through it.

Anyway, I have written a poem, to balance the one I wrote yesterday when I was in the middle of it.

When I’m feeling bad

There’s little I can do

To be the one I’d rather be

The one whom lovely you

Picked out to call your friend

The one we like and love

But when I’m feeling bad

That’s how it is.

When I’m feeling bad

And sad and cross and tired

Everything I do

And say and feel is mired

In dark and tears and bleakness

And feeling all is lost

But when I’m feeling bad

That’s how it is.

When I’m feeling bad

I try and try and try

To shift it

To coach it

To look for reasons why

To stop my badness hurting you

In cross words, tone or sighs.

But when I’m feeling bad

That’s how it is.

Yesterday I felt bad

Here today I don’t

A change that is quite baffling to see.

The same sun didn’t warm me

The same hug didn’t soothe

And nothing helped me want to try or be.

And stuck in yesterday

I couldn’t see beyond

Or know that, as for kings

This too would pass.

But pass it did and now

I live in hope again

Of sunny skies

And sides of greener grass.

So next time

-And there will be-

(Though Pollyanna likes

To think that maybe, if I try

There won’t)

Please quietly remind me

And don’t let me forget

That when I’m feeling bad

That’s how it is.

For you.⤴

from @ lenabellina

To the kid over there

Whom some adults say they get

But don’t when it comes to their own claims of debt

That you and your parents owe to the world

Because of where you were born.

I get you.

To the kid over there

Whom some adults claim to see

But don’t cos they can’t get beyond their little me

Who was likely hurt too

But not like you

Because they weren’t born where you were born.

I see you.

To the kid over there

Whom adults claim to feel for

But don’t cos there’s only one side who wins this war.

Where haves carry on

And have-nots sometimes don’t

Because of where you were born.

I feel you.

So I’ll carry on fighting

With my peace loving ways.

With my never-ending magic pot of doves.

And this isn’t about money

Or postcode

Or fame

It’s always ever only about love.

I love you.

For Imogen and Chris (aka mum and dad)⤴

from @ lenabellina

Good people

I have found

Can seem

Far and few between

Or many maybe keep it hidden well.

They shield their good with armour

That keeps them safe from laughter

Or hurt that bounces off their outer shell.

Good people

I have found

This week

In plentiful supply

Not hidden, mocked or slandered

But loved and held up high.

As role models

And trusted souls

And those we’d happily see

As brothers, sisters, mum and dad:

Our Calais family.

For Mahmoud⤴

from @ lenabellina

Plastic or mat?

Giving you choice.

Dry or in comfort?

Hearing your voice.

My heart cracks to see this

This no choice at all

A coin tossed at your birth

And how it did fall

Has given you tails

While my head is held high

And your daily choice

Is live or die.

But the smile that you give me

The joy on your face

At the thick silver sleep mat

Lovingly placed

In your hand

Makes me know

That whatever I do

From now on will be done

Mindful of you.

wwwd – John's World Wide Wall Display 2024-04-06 09:28:29⤴

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Read OER24: Gathering Courage by Lorna M. CampbellLorna M. Campbell
How does open education practice sit alongside generative AI? There are some similarities in terms of ethos; GAI repurposes, reuses, and remixes resources, but in a really selfish way.

Every section in Lorna’s post is interesting but this popped right out at me.